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All in this together: Our new Customer Service starters celebrate the end of their training

Our most recent Customer Services (CS) induction groups celebrated the end of their four weeks of training with party and a song they felt had an appropriate message: we're all in this together! No one is left behind and we all help each other get to where we want to be.

This is CS trainer Shannon’s 12th induction since June 2016, across Cardiff, Swansea and Delhi in India - she's been working hard! Chatting to her department managers, they tell us that she is the driving force behind some very fun and brilliant introductions to our unique culture.

Every CS induction ends with a 'graduation' complete with caps, gowns and a celebration. Being a big group of 22, this was a fun and fitting way to celebrate the end of a journey and share their success as a group with the rest of the CS department. This group initially planned to write their own song about their induction journey, but they felt that the song from High School Musical was fitting for what they had experienced and how they had worked together. 

Well done CS class of 2017!