Inside Admiral

Meet Kendra - one of our 2017 grads

Kendra started on the core Admiral Graduate Programme in February 2017 after finishing her degree in Geography with Quantitative Research Methods at Bristol University last year.

Why did you pick this particular degree and university?

The programme involved a lot of data analysis and computer programming. I loved it! Bristol is a great city and the programme was really diverse. I didn’t have to choose between human and physical geography before starting. I could try both. It’s similar now on the grad scheme – you can try a lot of different things.

How did you find out about Admiral?

I’m originally from Newport, so I was aware of the building and Admiral is a well-known company with a really positive word-of-mouth.

What made you apply for the graduate programme?

I was looking for a graduate scheme after university and didn’t want to move to London for financial reasons. I’d also already been away from home for three years so was keen not to move too far away. I did some research into Admiral and also saw the programme on Prospects. I didn’t know anything about insurance, but I knew the grad programme would take me to a range of departments, which was really appealing to me.

How did you find the application process?

It was really straightforward – there was a lot of information and key facts on the website, which was very helpful.

How was your first day?

Everyone was friendly and helpful. We had lunch with previous grads and did teambuilding in the afternoon, which was really good to break the ice and for everyone to get to know each other.

What did you do for your first placement?

I went into Renewals working on customer loyalty and promotions. I was managing the magazine and dining card promotions and liaising with suppliers. I also worked on improving the website and reducing the time customers spend on hold. The main aim was to increase retention.

I really enjoyed it; it was a good match to my skills and interests. Everyone is really lovely and I settled very quickly.

What’s next for you?

Maybe Claims – their presentation during our induction was really interesting and I liked the projects they outlined to us. It would also be interesting to explore, as it’s a different company and is also very well known.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying to Admiral?

I would 100% recommend the programme to anyone! It’s different from other grad schemes, because it’s not so formal. There’s a great work/life balance and everyone is happy. You also get flexible working hours.

In terms of advice - be open-minded, get stuck in and listen to other people’s advice. Enjoy yourself!

What’s been the best thing so far?

How well suited my first placement was to me. It shows that my application has been considered as an individual and that my skills and what I’ve done has been noted. I’m not just another number.

I’ve also enjoyed the opportunities to do things outside of my placement and role, for example the charity Easter egg challenge. It’s nice to be contributing to something.


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