Inside Admiral

Good bye to our summer interns 2017!

In June ten undergraduates joined us for our 12 week undergraduate summer internship. You can read about their first few weeks here and find out what they got up to for their internship away day. We caught up with them to see how the internship went as a whole and what they thought of the experience ahead of them leaving next week.

University Background

The intern group this year has been very diverse and has included students from Cardiff University, University of Michigan, IE, KTH Stockholm, Loughborough University, Bocconi, University of Bristol, Bordeaux University and Newcastle University. Their subjects include everything from Business and Mathematics to Psychology and Neuroscience.

It’s been great to have such a great mix of people from different backgrounds spend the summer with us and we wish them all the best for the future!

So first of all, how have you found the experience at Admiral?

Emily “Really good!”

Emanuel “It’s been a great first experience of a professional environment. You’re treated and respected like a permanent member of staff. Getting accommodation was a great help as well” “I agree – this meant we were all living together and getting to know each other outside of work, which was great” Abi

Amira “I’ve found the internship very interesting and it was really well organized, I always knew where to go and who to speak to”

What did you think of the work you were doing?

Abi “It gave you a real insight into the company, because it wasn’t just 3 or 4 weeks, which a lot of them are”

Emily “My work has made me really interested in other departments and what they do”

Dan “I’ve been able to work on things that are going to be useful to me with my own company, Trekinherd. And I’ve enjoyed doing Ports-of-Call (POCs) – they’ve been really helpful in getting an overview of the company”

What has been your favourite thing this summer?

Emily “The people! Everyone has been so friendly and willing to help”

Dan “The intern activities that we’ve all done together as a group”

Emanuel “The ownership I have had with my project; I’ve been asked to make decisions and give an opinion and to then support these with actual data. I liked having the freedom to do this, rather than just provide information for somebody else to make the decision”

Tito “It’s been really nice to not just work on your main project, but also helping out the team with other work. It’s meant there has been a good mix of things I’ve been involved in”

What advice would you give a student thinking of applying for next year’s internship?

Emily “Make the most out of getting exposure to every department – get involved with things!”

Ohlsen “Definitely apply!”

Abi “Don’t underestimate the culture – let your personality shine through”

Emanuel “International experience, like time spent abroad or a language, is really helpful. Also read up on the company – there is lots of information on the jobs website as well as I read all the graduate blogs and watched the YouTube videos and really got a feel for the culture. Know your stuff – both the technical company info and the cultural side”

Tito “If you’re good at something, for example coding, make this clear! Communication is very important and it’s ok to ask questions. You won’t be judged”

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned this summer?

Tito “I’ve learnt about a new business, a new management style, and a new sector which has all been really interesting”

Ohlsen “The importance of technology in the world – our physical product is intangible and created by developers. It’s really given me an interest in specializing in technology. Also the importance of submitting reliable data – you can’t make assumptions, you have to back up everything you do”

Emanuel “It’s been interesting learning about the journey from an idea to an actual business change. I’ve never done this before”

How have you found living and working in Cardiff?

Oskar “It’s been good; I like it”

Emanuel “It’s a great place to work and Admiral really pushes you to explore, for example I got free cinema tickets and tickets to a local event through work. The city itself is a bit small though”

Tito “For its size the infrastructure is really good – there is always something to do at the weekend; the only downside is the weather!”

Would you recommend the summer internship?

A resounding “Yes!” from everybody.

What’s in store for you next?

Some of the interns have another year of their degree left and others are going on to do masters degrees. A few have now finished university and are looking and applying for graduate positions and Dan is heading off to work full-time on his start-up company, Trekinherd, which is the world’s first social-media app for backpackers and outdoor adventures and is due to be launched in October. Good luck everyone and all the best for your future careers!


We recruit for our undergraduate summer internship in February. If you've graduated or will be graduating next summer, why not apply to our graduate programme?