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One year into the Admiral graduate programme

Our 2016 grads have now been with us almost a year! In light of this we thought we’d catch up with them to see how the last year on the graduate programme has gone.

So, how has the last year gone?

Neha “It’s really flown by – in a good way”

Ben “It’s been challenging, but not in a stressful way – I’ve gone from knowing nothing to building up my knowledge. And when you end a placement it’s so satisfying to know what you’ve accomplished”

Stavros “Very busy – there’s a lot going on at Admiral with new products and new markets” [Find out more about Stavros’ journey from summer internship to graduate programme at Admiral]

What’s been the best thing so far?

Neha “The amount of support we’ve received throughout our placements – the encouragement and ownership we’re given and being trusted to do the job”

Ben “The ability to do a port-of-call (POC) anywhere in the business, allowing you to learn and understand different areas of the company” “This also makes it easier when there is a vacancy, as you already know something about the department” - Aqeelah

Stavros “I’ve enjoyed all the extra-curricular activities like the Christmas meal, our annual summer social and day out, playing mini golf, our charity quiz night...” [You can read more about the grads’ charity initiatives here]

Harriet “The opportunity to develop your career how you want to and not being stuck in just one career and having the ability to try lots of things”

What would you say to someone considering the Admiral grad programme?

Harriet “Do it!”

Abigail “Don’t be put off if you don’t have a financial degree – we’ve all come from really different backgrounds”

Ben “Lots of grad schemes are very specific and prescriptive and you could end up hating it; my second placement here was so different from my first, so it really tested my skills and allowed me to find a niche”

Stavros “You’ll get a great mixture of projects allowing you to explore lots of different avenues”

What's the one thing anybody looking to join us on the programme should know?

Harriet “Be open-minded”

Ben “There’s a very high level of responsibility, so you can really prove yourself”

Aqeelah “You’re a permanent employee so you know you'll have a job at the end”

What one thing have you learnt over the last year?

Aqeelah “You can do more than what you think you can do”

Abigail “Be proactive and take all the opportunities that come your way”

Stavros “Communication is key”

How have you found the variety of roles and placements available to you?

Ben “There’s been quite a lot of variety even though we’ve only done 2 placements so far. You do a lot in each placement so you end up doing a lot of different things. I also made a conscious effort to make my second placement something different from the first one – so can get that variety if you want it”

Stavros “There is a good mixture of placements so you can get out of your comfort zone and reach your full potential”

Abigail “It’s great because you can explore different areas of the group as well, for example Confused and Admiral Law”

What would you say to someone sceptical about working in insurance?

Harriet “Do work experience or an internship to try it out first if you’re not sure. It’s a good sector to work in because everyone needs insurance so it’s a secure job”

Ben “Lots of areas in the company don’t specialize in insurance, so there are lots of opportunities to work on interesting things away from the financials if that’s not your thing. Insurance can sound dry, but there are so many different departments that it’s worth giving it a chance; I never would have thought I’d work in insurance before coming here either”

Stavros “You really don’t need to be a numbers person, because you don’t need to work in those areas”

Has this been a good step into the working world?

Abigail “Yes, because I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to work in and this programme has allowed me to explore the options. I’m now clearer on what I want to do”

Neha “I didn’t know what my capabilities were beforehand. You really get to see what you can do on the grad programme and get a real sense of ownership and decision making”

Has the programme given you a clearer view of where you want to take your career?

Ben “Yes, because it allows you to figure out what you’re good at, where you’re valued and where you can make a contribution”

Harriet “You’re making contacts around the business throughout so you can get an understanding of who you want to work with as well”

How has on the job training and support been?

Ben “The mentoring is great, as well as having the ability to mentor someone. Having mentors is really helpful with tasks, meeting people, and general support”

Harriet “It’s ongoing and thorough and includes refresher courses. You’re also free to ask for further training or can use iLearn. Trainings is there if you need it”

How do you see the last 6 months of the programme going? Any ideas for placements/jobs?

Abigail “I’m hoping to take a job where I am now”

Stavros “I want to keep exploring departments”

Aqeelah “I’m doing as many POCs as possible to see what other placements could be good for me to continue building on my skills”

Ben “I would like to stay in Claims – I’m currently working on two projects so I have to have a think about which particular direction I want to go in”

What’s the best thing about living and working in Cardiff?

Ben “The cost of living”

Stavros “I love having no commute and being able to walk to work. It’s a compact city and within easy reach of London”

Aqeelah “It’s a really friendly place”

Neha “There are good connections with the bus and train”

Abigail “You really get the best of both worlds – city, beach, and national parks”

Harriet “You have the best of both; the bay and the sea; city centre living; or you can live outside in the countryside and still be very close”


Our graduate programme will be opening for applications in early September for a start date in either February 2018 or September 2018. You can sign up for job alerts to be notified when it opens.