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Inside Admiral

The wellbeing being gap. Do you know how to be your best self?

Anne from Attic Teas joined a group of Admiral staff to offer a free wellbeing workshop, with a tasting of various Chinese teas too!

What does wellbeing mean? We spend so much of our time feeling ok, we aren’t ill, we still go about our everyday lives, but we feel we are running on about 80%. Does this sound familiar? Anne was here to share her experiences on how we can truly positively thrive (physically, psychologically and socially) and be the best version of ourselves.

‘’The difference between feeling just OK and being exceptionally well is what we call the "Wellbeing Gap.’’ Said Anne.

Admiral staff took an hour out for a lunch time with a difference, learning about how to improve this wellbeing gap, and of course taste some delicious teas!

“Did you know the quality of life hinges on the natural ability to be well? Research shows that there are actually optimum conditions that can help us be our best selves.”

Anne shared with the group, what the fundamentals of heath are and which are the most important top three.  Out on top was breathing. Something most of us probably take for granted, but focusing on your breathing can make a huge difference to how you feel. Some breathing techniques include Fibonacci breathing and Dr. Andrew Weil -4-7-8 breath, which is particularly good for sleep.

Hydration, number two. This is easy to achieve with just some small habit tweaks. The tea plant has been used for millennia for its delicious taste, medicinal and supportive action and to keep people alert and healthy. However, the normal teabag drinking has become more of an everyday caffeine habit, whether that’s in the office or at home. It has shown to have noticeable negative knock on effects. Click here if you would like to learn more on the truth about caffeine.

Sleep is in at number three, with nine hours being the ideal amount of sleep you need. Your body needs to produce melatonin to sleep and the best way for your body to do this naturally is quite simple, you need darkness. A top tip from Anne to gain a good night sleep is to avoid stimulating your mind with phones and TV an hour before bed. If you’d welcome any excuse to be pampered, try a magnesium rich salt (Epson or dead sea salt) bath before bed.

 ‘’Little habits have a pebble effect in your day to day life’’ Find out ore from Anne at Attic Tea.