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Seven qualities of a successful team

It’s that time of year again when 12 famous faces enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The celebrities may be aware of each other through the pages of the tabloid press but essentially they will be a group of strangers who will have to work together if they want to succeed.

Admiral’s internal training academy runs courses on the best ways to win as a team and here’s our guide to the seven essential qualities the housemates may want to follow to come out on top:


In order to work together the celebrities will need to effectively communicate with each other and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.


The housemates will need to have trust in each other and in the team in order to succeed.


Each member of the team will have key qualities which could be used to complete the various tasks they will be set.

A great team will identify and use the strengths each of its members will bring.

Teams not groups

A group is often less effective than a team with less defined structures. Traditionally a team will have a leader who will set the direction and members who are working towards a common goal.


The members of the team will all be aware of their responsibilities and the importance of these to the overall success.

Common objective

Every team member will be aware of the common goal and the part they will need to play for the team to achieve this.

Celebrating milestones

Praise, recognition and reward are often the key to realising the immediate success of the team and ensuring the effective completion of tasks in the future.

Dave Halliday, managing director of Admiral’s Customer Services department, said: “A great team for me is one that has a blend of different skills and personalities, is fully committed to a common, measurable goal, trust and challenge each other and as one drive toward the objective with passion, loyalty, innovation, humour and respect.”

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