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Admiral's involvement with Swansea's Employability Mentoring Scheme

Swansea University’s School of Management operates an Employability Mentoring Scheme, which aims to give students the opportunity to learn from professionals and develop their employability skills. The scheme was set up to help final year students with the transition from student to working life.

Eight Admiral staff members, who are alumni of Swansea University themselves, have been involved in the mentoring scheme throughout the last academic year. This has been a great opportunity for them to develop professionally and to develop their communication and leadership skills. It also allows them to give back to our community in a really productive way. And for Admiral getting involved represented a fantastic opportunity to give back to a university that has provided us with an abundance of talent over the years.

Mentors and students were carefully chosen through an extremely thorough matching process, which involved a visit to Admiral Group from the Employability Team at the School of Management. The aim was to find out more about the individual personalities of the mentors so they could be matched accordingly.

The mentoring scheme began with a mentors training session at the new Bay Campus in Swansea last October. The half day session was designed to equip mentors with some professional guidance to help them be outstanding mentors to the students. The mentoring session concluded with an introduction between mentors and mentees. 

Throughout the scheme it was up to the students to inform their mentors about the specific areas in which they wanted advice and guidance. The support provided by mentors ranged from one-to-one catch ups (over the phone and in person) to a three day visit to Admiral Group HQ in Cardiff. The visit allowed students to understand more about Admiral’s unique culture and our working environment.

The efforts of the Admiral mentors were recognised at a recent “Alumni & Mentoring Celebration Evening” held at the Grape and Olive in Swansea last week. Michael Bello, one of our voluntary mentors and Brand Insight Executive, kindly agreed to share his experience of the scheme with attendees on the night. He had this to say about the programme:

The mentoring scheme was a fantastic opportunity to share my experiences of the real working world with the wealth of talent coming out of Swansea University. I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit firsthand from mentoring and have seen great value in sharing my mistakes, advice and insights with my mentee. It was rewarding to see the mentees benefit from the advice and put it into practice in the ‘real world’. I’ve also personally benefitted from the experience, especially in terms of my own career development and it has made me realise that your ability to drive and shape your career doesn’t stop once you enter a job. The event last week was an amazing opportunity to share my experiences and I hope this will encourage  more people to seek mentoring when they need it, or for people with a wealth of experience to share it with the new generation of workers”

If you’re currently studying at Swansea University or are an alumni that would like to get involved, please contact the Swansea careers department on or 01792 295742.