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What does an International Pricing Manager do? We caught up with Amit Chandra

Amit joined Admiral in August 2016 as an International Pricing Manager after graduating from London Business School.



  • Education: BA Economics, MBA from London Business School

  • Languages: English, Hindi

  • Home country: USA

  • Admiral anniversary: August 2016


Project Portfolio

Use of General Linear Models for insurance pricing; fraud detection based on non-typical application patterns.


Countries worked in with Admiral

UK and France


Most memorable project and why

My first project was to examine how we could improve one of our newer accident prediction models. I liked working on this project because I was given a great deal of freedom on how to approach it.

I was new to the company, but management was very supportive in letting me test my own ideas and design my own work stream. My approach was based on what I had learned in my MBA and in my previous jobs, so it was often different from what Admiral was used to. However even when we disagreed, management trusted me to make the right decisions and this empowered me to step outside the box.

I was able to develop a new methodology that has improved the accuracy of our accident predictions. The methodology has been adopted in our UK business and I have recently been asked to visit the Paris office to try to replicate it in our French business.


Best advice you’ve been given and advice you would give a new IPM

Challenge the status quo. Admiral is very welcoming of new ideas. It may feel intimidating in the beginning to question people who have decades of experience in the industry, but it is the key to adding value.


Favourite thing about your job

My teammates


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