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Where could an MBA take you? We caught up with Ori Hanani, Head of Operations in Paris

Ori Hanani joined us in 2013 as a BDM after completing his MBA at INSEAD.



  • Education: BA + LLB in Law; MBA from INSEAD

  • Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Arabic

  • Home country: Israel

  • Admiral anniversary: October 2013


Project Portfolio

Innovation, Loans, New Products, Telematics, PS (HR), country specific projects


Countries worked in with Admiral

UK, Italy, USA, Spain and France


Most memorable project and why

Working together with the team to convince the key stakeholders to launch Loans. It was an amazing experience to build a new business from scratch and see it materialise.


Biggest challenge you've had to overcome

A predictive analytics project to reduce attrition in India with our outsourcer where we had to overcome significant communication issues that held up our progress   


Best advice you've been given and advice you would give a new BDM

Keep asking questions until the problem and its source are completely clear to you. Also, try to take on as many different projects as you can - this will speed up your learning curve and expose you to the different opportunities the group has to offer 


Favourite thing about your job

The people I'm working with!


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