Inside Admiral

Stavros tells us about his experiences of the summer internship and the graduate programme

After completing the Admiral summer internship in 2015, Stavros was offered a place on our graduate programme 2016. We caught up with him to find out more about his experience so far. You can read Stavros' internship story here and apply for our 2017 summer internship here.

First of all, what did you study at Lancaster University?

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and then did a Masters in Research (MRes) in Finance. This was before my internship. After my internship, I went on to do an MSc in Economics at Edinburgh University before coming back on the Admiral Graduate Programme last September.

Why were you interested in interning at an insurance company?

I have been interested in insurance since doing my undergraduate degree. I am passionate about risk theory and portfolio theory and also did a module on microeconomics, which specifically dealt with the insurance industry, so I really wanted some practical experience in this area.

What did your internship project entail?

Profiling competitors to enable us to understand where we fall compared to them regarding claims costs. I developed the piece of work on this and had to extract the right data to use. It was a very data heavy project – but I had asked for this, as I wanted to get involved in modeling.

What made you come back to Admiral a year after finishing the internship?

The culture and environment are great and I really enjoyed my summer here. I also have a deep interest in insurance and risk and heard really good things about the graduate programme. The ability to leave your mark, even while on the graduate programme, was very appealing. Admiral really combines some unique characteristics: innovation, a good range of products and opportunities, international businesses, plus I had the academic interest in insurance.

What have you been working on since you came back?

I’ve technically been part of the Pricing department, but it’s more of a Digital Transformation Team. The main product I am working on is firstcarquote and specifically data analytics. It’s a new product, so I am collating data from around the business, which requires working with various departments internally, as well as data from external sources in order to combine it all and create reports on the product. Once the reports are created I can analyze the data and make suggestions, for example regarding targeting of the product. I had to create all these reports from scratch so it was quite a big task! I have also learnt to use Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics.

Are you enjoying your placement?

Yes, it’s very interesting to see how you can use social media as a sales channel. The future is also very exciting and to see how the product could develop and transform as we go forward.

Have you been able to apply skills from your studies at Admiral?

Yes, especially Econometrics to analyze data. And my economic knowledge has helped me to understand consumers.

Thinking back, what are your thoughts on the summer internship?

I really enjoyed it - it was an amazing experience. Anybody would be really lucky to get the opportunity, so if you are accepted, enjoy it and make the most of it! Explore Cardiff and learn as much as you can and apply the knowledge you’ve gained at university.

You can read Stavros' internship story here.

Do you think you made the right choice to come back to Admiral?

Yes definitely, I had other offers of employment as well, but I wanted to come back to Cardiff and I’m really looking forward to my next placement and the future, where maybe I will lead a project such as firstcarquote! It was great coming back on the graduate programme – it felt like the internship had never ended.

Had you been to Cardiff before coming on the internship?

No, I’d never been to Wales before. But the Open Day for the interns was great and I really love Cardiff as I love history. I’ve been to visit lots of castles already! I tend to prefer smaller cities with plenty of green spaces as well, so Cardiff is great. I really enjoy living here and having a 10 minute walk to work – it’s the dream!