Inside Admiral

Meet our summer interns: Avinash Mehrotra

Can you tell us a bit about your work experience to date/ previous background?

My work experience spans 8 years in technology across diverse sectors (investment banking, biotechnology, insurance and digital) and setups (captives, product development, services and start-ups). Immediately before my MBA, I worked as a Program Manager where I designed product strategy and led cross-functional teams working on software development, course content, digital marketing and support. My other significant project was with Google (Adwords group) where I delivered customized sales force management and data analysis applications. My core skills are excellent problem solving, analytical and strategic thinking, driving innovations and managing products.

How did Admiral first come to your attention?

I was first introduced to Admiral through the Guest Speaker Series at Manchester Business School. I was impressed by the culture of innovation and the success story of Admiral while interacting with David Stevens.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of this internship?

  • Deliver key recommendations to tackle Data Analytics and Information Technology challenges with Admiral
  • Implement or build up a prototype of some innovative product or process
  • Build a good network as well as make good friends

What specific skills are you looking to build upon with this internship?

  • Management consulting skills
  • Develop knowledge on cutting edge technologies for data analytics and IT
  • Develop knowledge of insurance industry
  • Gain cross cultural experience

What experience are you looking to gain from this internship? 

Three key experiences:

  • Management Consulting Experience
  • Project Management along with presentation and reporting to senior management
  • Communicating across different groups

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be in a similar position to you? 

Three key pieces of advice:

  • Build up good problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Develop an understanding of the motor insurance industry
  • Have a passion towards innovation and an enterprising outlook

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge would be to correctly understand the key problems and limitations across multiple departments as well as to simultaneously tackle both a top down approach to streamline processes organisation wide and a bottom up approach to understand and address pain points at the ground level.

What attracted you to Cardiff as a city?

  • The Size: Small city with the convenience of moving around quickly
  • The People: Everyone I met welcomed me warmly
  • The Beauty: A beautiful sea side city