Inside Admiral

Meet our summer interns: Andrey Gonzalez

Can you tell us a bit about your work experience to date/ previous background?

As a computing engineer I have worked in various industries like education, banking and transport since 2009, in different countries and languages.

My area of expertise has been business intelligence and data mining, and my last role was as a project manager in the public transport system in Santiago, Chile. There I had a complete range of responsibilities like managing the client relationship, negotiating user requirements, leading the development team and ensuring the delivery of the finalized testing product among other.

How did Admiral first come to your attention?

It all started with a advertisement on TV, which caught my attention because it was really funny but I didn’t know it was part of Admiral Group. A week after, at Manchester Business School we had a talk by Admiral’s COO, David Stevens, in which I found out was part of the group and I got to learn about the company in a really interactive away, having us think on how to solve some of the challenges Admiral has faced through its history. After the talk, in a networking session I had the chance of talking to David and right then I decided I wanted to enrol in the selection process with Admiral.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of this internship?

I hope I would have deeply understood Admiral’s business model and the implications of the Telematics part of the business I will be working on, and be able to propose innovative ideas that have a real impact in the way the IT department works and in the strategic objectives of the management team.

What specific skills are you looking to build upon with this internship?

Further develop my project management skills, enabling me to develop and finish my internship in a timely manner, with revision stages to steer the project in the right way every now and then.

Develop my market research abilities, to find out about the Telematics and IT best practices around the world, which might be suitable to Admiral’s strategy.

Work on my creativity, being able to propose innovative ideas for the company, being able to follow Admiral’s tradition of thriving on innovation.

Also work more in my effective presentation skills, to communicate my findings as the internship goes along.

What experience are you looking to gain from this internship?

Be able to expand and complement the guidelines that I have learned in the MBA about “What good looks like in Consulting” as I would be doing an internal consulting type of project, working closely with Ori Hanani, the International Business Development Manager I would be reporting to.

Also learn about the human resources and leadership style and practices applied in Admiral, which allows the company to be always recognized as a “best place to work”.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be in a similar position to you?

Get to know the company well, and identify if it is the right fit for you. Always think in which way your experience is relevant to Admiral’s strategy and have clear what you have accomplished before.

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge?

For me the time constraint will be the major challenge, which in turn makes defining the scope of the project one of the most important factors of success. The challenging part will be finding the balance between the time that we have and the scope, to produce a relevant result for the company.

What attracted you to Cardiff as a city?

I am expecting Cardiff to have the perfect balance of an easy going life style being a small city, but having all the fun stuff being the capital of Wales. For me it is also an interesting experience of going to a new country with a medieval heritage that I would love to learn from.