Inside Admiral

Manchester graduate Armin: Business Development Manager at Admiral

Can you tell us a bit about your previous work experience before joining Admiral?

I did my MBA at Manchester Business School immediately before joining Admiral. Prior to that, I was a management consultant. I believe that both my educational and professional backgrounds help me a lot in my day-to-day job, as a Business Development Manager at Admiral.

How did Admiral first come to your attention?

A few months before my graduation, a team of Admiral recruiters and a Business Development Manager at Admiral came to the Manchester Business School campus to present us with the opportunities they had to offer.
I was more than touched by the friendly yet professional attitude of the team. Moreover, the company’s massive success in so many different ways caught my eyes immediately.

When did you join Admiral?

I joined Admiral in September 2014.

Tell us about your role within the Admiral Group?

I’m a Business Development Manager (BDM) at Admiral. A BDM is an internal management consultant who works on a variety of projects in different teams, departments and countries. The projects come in a wide range of areas: from new market entry to new product launch, new technology adoption, operational efficiency, and many more.
Typically, projects are 12 weeks long, unless you are also involved in implementation. Recently, I worked on a project to develop a business plan to enter a new market in the UK: I advise on customer acquisition channels, partnership solutions and financial projections.

What exposure have you had to the different areas of the business so far?

I think the level of exposure is extraordinary. Since I joined the company, I’ve had several meetings with Henry and David, co-founders of the company. I also work with different teams for my projects. More importantly, I’ve had Ports of Call with almost every department in the company, as a part of my training. In these ports of call, I spent several hours in each department, sat down with people in different teams and learnt about their jobs. This was an amazing way to see the bigger picture, the business as a whole, as well as to build professional relationships with different levels of managers at the Admiral Group.

In your opinion, is Admiral different to other companies?

Oh, that was an easy question. Yes! It is a unique company in many ways!

1. Culture: You can hardly find an organisational environment as nice as that of Admiral’s. People are down to earth, supportive and ready to share their experiences. Moreover, you have best-in-class people around you in any area of expertise. You can learn a lot in this environment.

2. A Mindset of Growth and Continuous Improvement: Admiral is a highly dynamic company where people are always looking for opportunities to improve what they do, test new ideas or enter new areas.

3. Caring for Employees: It is not difficult to realise that Admiral genuinely cares for its people. How many other companies have a Ministry of Fun, Ministry of Health, on-site massage, various competitions to raise money for charities and so on? Not to mention, everyone is a shareholder in this company.

What are the main influencing factors you believe to have contributed to Admiral’s success?

Sharp people, collaborative culture, strong sense of ownership by the employees and finally enjoying working in Admiral! As Henry says: “if people like what they do, they will do it better.”