Inside Admiral

Warwick graduate Alok - a new International Pricing Manager

Can you tell us a bit about your previous work experience before joining Admiral?

After completing my bachelor’s in computer science I worked as a software engineer in an IT consultancy firm in India for three years. I left the company at the level of team lead to pursue an MBA.

How did Admiral first come to your attention?

Admiral came to our Business school for recruitment, selected my profile and invited me for an interview. That was the first time I heard about the company but after that, when I started my research about company the more I read the more I wanted to work for the company. Luckily I cleared all the rounds and got selected. I must say I am not disappointed at all, what I heard is what I got.

When did you join Admiral?

I joined in December2014.

Tell us about your role within the Admiral Group?

My job title is International Pricing Manager. The most important part of my role is to implement pricing strategies in the UK and other international branches. This includes doing rate changes, finding new ways to rate the risk, supporting other business departments with our pricing expertise and mentoring other pricing teams across our international branches.

What exposure have you had to the different areas of the business so far?

Admiral’s diverse training programme makes sure all the managers go through training in end-to-end operations.  Apart from pricing, I got training in New Business, Renewals, Underwriting and Claims.  I have also done a project with the business analytics and data validation team. In core pricing, so far I have had a chance to work with our Italian and Spanish sister companies.

In your opinion, is Admiral different to other companies?

Admiral is unique in its flat administration structure and open culture. Admiral is the company, where anybody can challenge a process or decision and suggest new ideas without any fear.

What are the main influencing factors you believe to have contributed to Admiral’s success?

The most important factor is the Admiral culture, which backs the talent and trusts the people. Apart from that, the ability to go against the established trends and try new things has also been the key to Admiral’s success. Online Insurance comparison website, multicar policy and 10 month policies are a few of the trends started by Admiral and now followed by the entire motor insurance industry. I also personally believe that decision of running the company in Wales rather than London or any other big city of UK has also contributed towards Admiral’s low operating cost.