Inside Admiral

Carving out a career with Admiral

Working at Admiral is all about being happy in your job, getting great opportunities and finding out exactly where your strengths lie.

Across our three sites in Newport, Cardiff and Swansea staff are given the chance to learn new skills and progress through the business by focused training and development.

We think Admiral is a great place to work with fantastic scope for growth and so do our staff:

Jerry Williams

Age: 26

Position: Customer Services Team Manager

Length of Service: 6 years

Jerry runs a team of 10 staff in Swansea dealing with changes for vehicles and said: “I started off on the phones at CCR (Customer Care Representative) level and progressed really quickly.

“Admiral looks out for people with different talents and uses them.

“I had a background in admin so I moved over to that and worked for the two managing directors of customer service.

“The exposure I got doing that job was brilliant and it set me up for my team manager’s job.

“Due to selling shares over the past six years I was able to buy a house last December.

“The share scheme also encourages you to save more.

“The team of people that I’ve worked with over the past six years has been absolutely brilliant.”


Stuart Gregory

Age: 36

Position: Customer Care Representative

Length of Service: 8 years

Stuart joined Admiral as a customer care representative working in renewals and said: “I never liked speaking on the phone but when I came here I discovered, through the training, that it was something I was good at and the variety of the work is good.

“I find being here that you get out of if what you put in with the training, the support and the job opportunities.

“There’s so many opportunities to do so many different things.

“I always cash my shares in after three years.

“I’ve got a daughter so for me I’ve been saving to get my own property.

“It allows me to have a nice lifestyle which is stress free.

“I’ve recommended people to work here and you get incentives for that too.

“Here I feel like an individual helping towards something bigger.

“In some companies you get swallowed up in the corporate wheel but here you are not training to be a robot, you are training to do your job and do it well.”


Michaela Bamford

Age: 20

Position: Customer Care Representative

Length of Service: Four months

Michaela joined Admiral after working in a part time retail job and said she was looking for a more stable job.

She said: “I liked this company because I had heard a lot about it and its Best Place to Work for awards.

“It’s great for me because I’m saving for a deposit for a house at the moment and the shares will really help with that.

“It’s hard because I’ve moved out and I’ve started to rent now and I’ve got to pay all my bills whilst still saving so it is hard for young people but this (the share scheme) would make it easier.

“There’s also the free fruit, free cereal all week and a scorecard system where you could earn up to an additional £450 on your monthly wage.”


Amy Rees

Age: 28

Position: Customer Care Representative

Length of service: 4.5 years

Amy worked in retail before starting at Admiral and now works in the validations team in Swansea.

She said: “There’s a lot of scope for movement within the company.

“You don’t have to be promoted to move to a different role.

“I know people who have got recommended to IT, it’s not a case of once you are on the phones that’s where you are staying.

“Selling shares also allowed me and two of the other girls to go on holiday to Ibiza and the rest has been put into savings.

“It definitely helps and it’s not just the savings, you get discounts that are localised as well.

“It is a flexible company to work for.”


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