Inside Admiral

Manchester graduate Alberto: A Collaborative Environment, Approachable Colleagues, and Great Opportunities

My name’s Alberto. I graduated as an Engineer in Padova, one of Italy’s most respected universities. During university I went on an exchange programme and spent time at Michigan University in Detroit. I then went on to do a brilliant MBA at Manchester Business School.

My first professional encounter with Admiral was when I did a consultancy project for them during my MBA. I was lucky enough to have interaction with the senior management team for 12 weeks. I understood and liked what Admiral had done, their success story, their company values and their future vision. I really liked the people I met too, especially their desire to make it happen and to surprise the market after 20 years of operations. I loved the fact that this is still a growing company, even in these tough financial times, with a lot of opportunities for the future.

I’ve been with Admiral for one year and work as an International Pricing Manager. It is fair to say that I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for my MBA. I couldn’t do my job the way I do it without the knowledge, experience and insight I gained from my MBA. Also, the MBA allows you to establish a valuable and strong network of future top professionals. Of course, I appreciate that there’s plenty of hard work and deep studying to be done too.

I would absolutely recommend Admiral as a great place to work – for the collaborative environment, approachable colleagues and for the great opportunities it provides to MBA students. Even in this challenging financial and commercial climate, Admiral is able to grow and develop its global presence, creating top-level challenges that need strong business solutions and intelligent business professionals.

Alberto Giuseppe Schiavon, International Pricing Manager, Admiral