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From Sales Agent to MI Speech Analyst within one year at Admiral

Adam joined the Admiral New Business Sales team in February 2016. He told us about his experience and what career path he has created for himself so far in Admiral.

‘’I can remember the induction training and thinking how challenging it was. There was a lot to learn and it was quite daunting. It was tough and it wasn’t for everyone but the hard work was definitely worth it.’’

Adam carried out the 6 week training period where he learnt all the insurance and product knowledge he needed to get started in the Sales department.

‘’We started earning our incentives as soon as we were on the phones; I knew I needed to work hard and put in the hours to be at the top. My hard work paid off and I took home an extra £850 bonus in my first month!’’

‘’In the first 3-4 months I made a name for myself by making sure I was recognised for my hard work. I worked some long hours and consistently had my name as one of the top 5 performers in the department. As a result, I was asked to join the BOLT project. This was one of the biggest programmes Admiral has ever taken on, taking Admiral to a brand new IT system. I dealt with training issues and raising them with IT. It was nonstop and chaotic but a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and work across site.  I had the chance to liaise with operations managers and senior staff. I didn’t look at this as an opportunity to get off the phone because I enjoyed earning the incentives, I saw it as a chance to learn, up skill and make a name for myself to help my career.

After this experience I was offered another project working on speech analytics for New Business. The aim was to help us better analyse calls to identify issues quicker and improve the customer journey. This project expanded and allowed me to bring this work in to the Renewals department as well.’’

Admiral believes people who like what they do, do it better and there is a strong focus on reward and recognition for hard work and achievements.

Adam said ‘’One of my highlights was my star lunch with the CEO David Stevens and Alberto, Head of Renewals. This was brilliant! We talked about my achievements and they encouraged me to apply for the advertised MI Analyst job. They both gave me that boost of confidence I needed to apply.  Now within a year of starting in New Business I have progressed to a Speech Analyst working within the New Business Management Information team.’’ 

My advice for anyone who wants to progress with their career would be:

1 - Most important is to do your job well. Get recognition, meet people and create a name for yourself. Be the person that offers the solutions.

2 - Learn! You need to put your feet firmly in to the business before you can expect the rewards. Learn the business from the ground up. You need to be proactive, ambitious, work hard and up skill through self learning and take the training opportunities Admiral provide.

3 - You should then be in the position where you are meeting a variety of senior names in the company. Build on these relationships and build your own career and take on the opportunities that you can find.

In a business like Admiral there is so much change but therefore also a lot of opportunities. You just need to be proactive to find them. It’s all down to the individual, you!''

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