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What it's like to work for the Outbound Sales Department?

Ross has worked in Outbound Sales for 5 years. Why did he join Admiral Sales and why has he stayed?

‘’When I joined Admiral 5 years ago I didn’t know anything about insurance but I felt at home here from day one. There is massive family culture with an open, honest and professional attitude. I have never worked somewhere that is fun and so rewarding. If you do well you are rewarded!’’

‘’Every manager I have had for the 5 years has been encouraging. Recognition is not only received for sales but also the quality of customer service you provide. There are no sales targets, just the goal to earn that extra money.’’

‘’The role is challenging and you need to work hard. You just have to make the right call for the right person and the right product. If a customer doesn’t want to buy, that’s fine. I’ve found that the key to being a great sales person is your personality.’’

Katy joined the Outbound Sales team just less than one year ago. We asked Katy how her first year in Admiral has gone so far.

‘’I hadn’t even learned to drive when joining Admiral, but that didn’t matter. After completing the training I now have so much knowledge. It has given me so much confidence in my abilities to do my job well.’’

 ‘’I like working in Outbound because it has that family feel, there is a fun culture and fantastic morale. I have previously worked in companies that are more corporate but I feel I am much better suited to Admiral. Everyone’s personality shines through and everyone is really helpful and friendly.’’

Outbound Sales at Admiral isn’t cold calling; Katy and Ross enjoy working on a range of campaigns contacting existing customers and customers who have expressed an interest to join Admiral. Katy said ‘’I enjoy the job because it’s not the same thing every day; I work on sales blending, telematics and multicover. I like that there are so many opportunities to learn and develop my skills.’’

 ‘’Even when you have long days I don’t dread coming to work. The people here make it a great place to be. There’s always something going on! Even after just a couple of months of starting in Admiral I was invited to attend the big Admiral staff party. It was great to see staff rewarded on such a large scale. It was held in the Millennium Stadium and was so exciting!’’

Why do Ross and Katy love Outbound?

We are a winning department! We won the top ten department awards and we love being in the wining team. As our prize we all got to go to the races! It was a brilliant day and a fantastic reward for all of our hard work over the year.’’

So what is Ross and Katy’s advice when applying? ''Be yourself!''

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