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How to start your job search ready for the New Year

Go online - Companies are investing heavily in online Recruitment so it only makes sense to make sure you are looking in the right places. Search for the job title and repeat your search every day. Google Alerts are great, it will begin manually tracking specific companies you would like to work for and send you email notifications.

Create an online profile - Put your CV online so it is available to employers. There are many to choose from such as CV library, Jobsite, Indeed and many more.

Think social - If you are a fan of social networking, be aware of who can see your profile. Ensure you present yourself in the best way possible and make sure you have updated your privacy settings accordingly. Don’t forget to make use of LinkedIn, many companies use LinkedIn for Recruitment, so they may even approach you first!

Go straight to the company’s website - If you know what companies you would like to work for, just go straight to their website. You will find all of their current vacancies, some of which may not be advertised elsewhere. There’s normally a lot of useful information about the business and departments here too.

Don’t miss what’s right in front of you - Take a look at the companies near you. Could these be ticking your boxes for a new career?

Try looking further afield - If you can commute then why not? It can present a lot more career opportunities and the commute time could be used wisely for further learning or study time.

Think outside the box - Don’t assume a certain company won’t have a job you’re looking for. That company may have a lot going on behind the scenes. For example, your local hospital doesn’t just employ doctors and nurses, they also need admin, HR and IT staff.

Watch out for scams - Don’t get pulled in and waste your time on scams. Unfortunately there are people out there that are waiting to take advantage of others that are eager to find a job. Scams often appear on jobs boards and offer an attractive opportunity which requires the job seeker to pay money in advance. Once the money has been paid the scammer disappears leaving the job seeker out of pocket!

Sign up to job alerts - Plan ahead and if you think you may be looking for career change soon then don’t miss out. Many company’s offer email notifications of their latest opportunities. Sign up here for our latest job alerts


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