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Good with numbers? Where can numerical and analytical skills take your career?

Vaughan joined the Admiral Graduate Scheme in March 2011 and spent the first six months visiting different areas of the company learning about the customer journey and our processes. He then secured a position in the Pricing department as a Pricing Analyst working on changes to the pricing structure and bespoke customer queries. Vaughan’s career then took him to join the Business Analytics team as a Senior Data Scientist. The role focuses heavily on counter fraud initiatives and working with big data.  

Vaughan said ''the Analyst Graduate Programme is a real opportunity for someone who is keen to utilise their maths and general analytical skills in a successful business environment. Admiral is ahead of the curve in its innovation. I was actively encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and learn about the business with a view to identifying any opportunities that would potentially benefit from new data sources and strategies.’’

''The Analytics department itself looks to unearth hidden value in large data sets using statistical modeling and advanced data mining. We attempt to identify trends and opportunities within unstructured data that allow us to make sensible business decisions and changes. The department has several stakeholders throughout the company, all of our projects and work streams begin with varying ad-hoc requests and ideas that we look to develop into successful business ventures.’’

We asked Vaughan, what does he enjoy most about his job here at Admiral?

''I like the fact that I’m actively encouraged to explore my own areas of interest, I never feel as though I’m restricted or confined to working on the same type of work, I’m given the freedom to discover new methods and tools. As a department we have time set aside every Friday where the team is urged to stop working on projects and learn something new. It’s nice to know that the company fully supports personal development and actively promotes an environment that welcomes questions and originality.’’  

''I was aware that Admiral was a particularly successful company and had heard only good things including the famed ‘Admiral Culture’ which is why I applied and I was not disappointed. I expected variety and looked forward to learning about the day to day running of a FTSE 100 company. As the cliché goes I didn’t foresee myself staying here for the length that I have but Admiral is so unique in its approach I think it would be hard to find another company like it.’’

Whether you are currently studying or considering furthering your analytical passion, data and analytics are at the forefront of business as we evolve and grow. If you would like to pursue a career in Analytics, keep your eyes peeled for these new and exciting career opportunities.

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