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Why do people really like working at Admiral?

From the many employee benefits to the Admiral Share Scheme, we try to make sure we do all we can to ensure people enjoy coming to work. But why do staff really like working here? And why do they stay?

Ebony joined Admiral 15 months ago in our IT department. ‘‘I love the people and the culture. Joining a new organisation can be daunting but I was made to feel at ease from day one. I absolutely love the culture in Admiral. As the former CEO Henry Engelhardt says People who like what they do, do it better!”

Vaughan, a Senior Data Scientist joined Admiral on the Graduate scheme back in 2011. ''My highlights include a treasure hunt in Swansea city centre, Business Analytics winning an award for raising money for the Prince’s Trust and winning tickets to Wales’ 30-3 victory against England in the Six Nations in 2013. As the cliché goes, I really didn’t foresee myself staying here for the length that I have but Admiral is so unique in its approach I think it would be hard to find another company like it’’.

Nic joined Admiral back when it began in 1993 and is currently working as a Software Architect. ''I have enjoyed many opportunities to work on lots of interesting and challenging projects with some very talented people. The people here are fun, professional, dedicated and most of all proud to work at Admiral.’’

Rhys, an IT project manager has worked in the business just over 4 years. ''Admiral as a company are very refreshing with a relaxed dress code with a lot of time and effort is spent on making sure staff are happy in the work place. The benefits available to us such as free gym, free fruit and a travel to work scheme really make a difference. I just love the direction Admiral are going in, as a company we are very ambitious and are keen to move in to new exciting markets, this helps make every day different and I look forward to the year ahead.’’

Jason from Renewals has worked with Admiral for just over 4 years. ''There is a fantastic professional and social atmosphere in the department and the appreciation shown for your daily efforts is outstanding. I have enjoyed attending award ceremonies including the Sunday Times best company awards in London which was a great experience.’’

There is a mix of reasons why people like working at Admiral but it seems to really come down to the people. That’s why when we recruit we are looking for people with the Admiral Attitude. Positive, friendly and dedicated with the customer at the forefront of everything they do.

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