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6 years in Admiral: From Customer Services to IT

Since joining Admiral in the Customer Service department 6 years ago, Rachel has explored the business. Her Admiral career has even given her the opportunity and the challenge of setting up a new Admiral Contact Centre in New Delhi. After working all around the business and part of the team that headed the biggest project Admiral has ever taken on of changing the core operating system, her career has taken her to IT.

Rachel said ‘’The thing I enjoy most about the IT environment is tackling the constant challenge we face of keeping up with our competitors, it is such a forward thinking and exciting department to work for. There are always people looking to improve the way we work to ensure we get the best output. This is something I love about the Admiral culture, we are all shareholders and have an invested interest to see the company succeed, this encourages us to explore various methodologies and tools available to us and always move forward and drive success.’’

Rachel spent 4 years in a customer facing role in Customer Service which has given her valuable experience and customer insight. She has taken this with her throughout her career to bring valuable insights to new areas of the business.

Rachel said ‘‘I now manage a team that develops and enhances the functionality the business use to service our customers.’’

She added ‘’It is an exciting time in Admiral IT at the moment, we are in a transitional period where we are defining new ways of working. New structures will create so much opportunity across the board in the future. A career in Admiral IT offers you the chance to work in an environment that is engaging, provides training and development opportunities as well as enhancing and utilising your skill set.’’

At Admiral we have a range of multi skilled people that bring so much to the business from the collective experience they have. As the business grows so does our IT department where we are looking for like minded innovative people to join us during this exciting time.

We asked Rachel what advice she would give to someone thinking about applying? Rachel said ‘’Why are you thinking about it, just do it!’’

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