Inside Admiral

Are you looking for progression? A foot in the door could take your career somewhere unexpected...

We have over 7,000 employees across the world; over 500 hundred of them are based in Cardiff within our Renewals department. These people are at the heart of our success. We put a lot of time and effort to make sure our organisation is a happy place to work, where we encourage development and promotion.

Admiral is dedicated to making sure the majority of our promotions are filled internally across the company. In Renewals 100% of our promotions to management level are filled through promoting staff that already work here. This is fantastic for us and our staff. We know our management team can grow the talent we want within the business because they have been in the exact same shoes. It also means we have a management team that really know the core of the business from the inside out.

So many of our staff have progressed with their careers, whether that be in to management, training, or working in one of the support functions.

Ben joined us in Renewals and after a year and half he had become a Marketing Promotions Assistant. After only another 6 short months he had progressed on to a Marketing Affiliate Executive. Ben says..

‘’Admiral is such a flexible place to work and there is so much opportunity for you to progress if you are prepared to reach out and grasp it. I’m so glad I joined Renewals when I started; it gave me a real sense of the Admiral culture. This has launched me on to a career path I can see myself doing for many, many years to come’’.


Dylan has enjoyed a long career in Admiral since starting back in Sales 15 years ago, after moving around the business in the UK and globally he now works as a project manager in our Telematics department.


Ben, who was a builder before joining the Admiral Claims team, has spent the last 4 years managing the in house Recruitment team to help more talent grow throughout the company.

‘Admiral is a fantastic place to work because we really do invest in our staff. You don’t need any insurance knowledge or experience to apply; we provide full training for every single employee to ensure they are confident and happy in their roles’.